TERMOFOR Student (16 kW)

TERMOFOR Student (16 kW)

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It is designed on the basis of the popular air-heating boiler with the difference that not air but water is now heated in convective pipes.
The firebox is screened with convective pipes from all sides, which makes it possible to maximally use thermal radiation of the burning fuel and the heat contained in the flue gases for water heating.
Tubular electric heaters maintain temperature of the heat carrier during the breaks in the boiler operation.
You can select a modification with or without tubular electric heaters, as well as a modification with an option to independently install a tubular electric heater (TEH) (in the «for TEH» modification).
It can heat even many-storeyed premises with a complex configuration. It can be applied for the connection of water heating of open and closed types.
With a built-in thermal manometer you can always see the temperature and pressure of the water circuit.
Both wood and coal can be used as fuel.
A cast-iron hatch with a translucent window made of heat-resistant glass makes it possible to visually control the process of burning.

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Volume of the heated room 400 m3
Fuel type Wood
Material of construction Structural steel
Length of warranty 1 year
Volume of the firebox 70 l
Power 16 kW
Mass 90 kg
Means of additional heating of the room Convective tubes
Dimensions (L×W×H) 720х370х770 mm
Chimney diameter 120 mm
Minimum chimney height 5 m
Water circuit contour 21,5 l
Total power of the TEH block 9 kW
Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 14-30