TERMOFOR Zolushka (4 kW)

TERMOFOR Zolushka (4 kW)

Brand: Termofor

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The compact size of the stove make it possible to place it in the smallest rooms.
You can cook or warm food on the upper horizontal surface of the stove. The firebox geometry and side convectors ensure economical heating of the room.
The hatch of the firebox, rotating on a hinge joint, opens to 140°, due to which the loading of the fuel is more convenient and safe.
The lock mechanism reliably fixes the hatch with a simple turn of the handle.
In the center of the hatch there is a window made of heat-resistant SCHOTT ROBAX® glass, which makes it possible to visually control the process of burning.
Under the firebox there is an ash box with a pull-out box for quick and neat removal of ashes, with no interruption of the process of burning.

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Volume of the heated room 50 m3
Fuel type Wood
Length of warranty 1 year
Volume of the firebox 41 l
Power 4 kW
Mass 27 kg
Means of additional heating of the room Convector
Dimensions (L×W×H) 465х300х460 mm
Chimney diameter 120 mm
Minimum chimney height 5 m
Technical information
Delivery time (d.) 14-30